About Us

Our Story

Miss Sew It All is comprised of a professional sewist team that brings decades of sewing experience to the community of Blackfalds and Central Alberta.  Laurie ran a successful alterations & mending business out of her home for many years.  She passed on her knowledge and experience to her daughter Amanda who fell in love with this lost art.  Amanda went on to attend school at the Art Institute of Vancouver.  Amanda then followed in her mother’s footsteps and began taking on alteration & mending work from her home throughout 2015 & 2016.  

After helping several brides realize their dream wedding and serving countless other sewing customers it became clear that Blackfalds and Central Alberta needed an alteration & design business.  In early 2017 Amanda and Laurie began to work towards opening a shop of their own where they could bring their vision to life.  Miss Sew It All was officially opened in mid-December 2017.  Since that date the business has surged in popularity through the beautiful work that Amanda & Laurie do as well as their personalized and caring approach to Customer Service.  

This is not your average alterations and mending shop.  We provide all the traditional services that you need but can also tackle elaborate custom work for bridal gowns, grad dresses, costumes, home decor and more.  Contact us today for a free consultation!

Our Vision

Alteration & mending shops have always had a reputation for being small, dark, and uninviting.  We want to change all that.  Our Custom Design Studio is bright, open, and modern.  Our vision for the future includes expanding our operations to additional locations, offering sewing lessons, and more.  With the support of our community we are making these dreams a reality.  

Our Mission

We believe Customer Service is the key to running a good business.  That’s not just something we say.  We live this every day as we serve our community.  We have 42 five star reviews on Facebook with more added all the time.  

our incredible team

Over 35 Years of Experience

Miss Sew It All - Amanda and Laurie
Amanda Preston
Owner | Seamstress

Amanda is a passionate and skilled artisan with an entrepreneurial spirit and a dedication to customer service. Click to read Amanda’s story.

Laurie Valin

Laurie is a dedicated mother, talented seamstress, and the most kindhearted spirit you will ever meet. Click to read Laurie’s story.


Company History

From humble beginnings as a home based business to opening our beautiful Custom Design Studio.  Miss Sew It All has come a long way in a very short period of time.  Amanda & Laurie are both so thankful for the outpouring of support from the community of Blackfalds and Central Alberta.  Our success is directly tied to the satisfaction of our customers and that’s why it is always so special to hear the amazing words of encouragement and thanks that we receive daily.  Thank you!

Miss Sew It All - Amanda and Laurie Laughing

Grand Opening

Miss Sew It All officially opened it's doors to the public on this day.


Website & Online Store Launched

Our new web presence and online store were launched on this day.  This platform will allow us to reach customers outside of Central Alberta.

January2019 & Beyond

Visions for the Future

Our business has already grown exponentially in a short time thanks to the amazing support of our community.  The future looks very bright for Miss Sew It All.  Watch this space for future announcements.