Sew It Up Sunday #1

in Sew It Up Sunday September 24, 2018

Hey All! Okay so I was you know; just sewing along at the studio and I thought “Why the heck not share what I’m doing here!” I mean…Have you ever wondered “How do I fix this stuff myself?” OR “I don’t really want to do this myself, but I’d love to see how it’s done @ MSIA.”

Well kids, clients and fellow sewing folks. Here it is!! #theshenannigans The first #ofmany #howto #blogposts on basically whatever I’m working on that day! Follow along as I tackle this #crotch repair!!

This is the official launch of #sewingtipsunday 

Hungry for more?… Let me know and share your comments on the blog.

Wishing you #muchlove #fullbobbins and #happysewing xo


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