Amanda Preston

My name is Amanda, and I come from a family with a long history of avid seamstresses, artists, and hobby sewers.  It was my mother (who had initially been taught by her mother) that first introduced me to the art of being a seamstress.  Many of my fondest memories as a child included sewing and crafting.

As a toddler in the 80’s I remember accompanying my mom to her work sometimes.  She worked for a ‘Mom & Pop’ upholstery shop in a small town where we lived.  It was called “Joe’s Winter-Fronts”.  I would watch her as she sewed tents and tarps and heavy duty outdoor/wilderness gear.  It was pretty cool too!

As my sister got a bit older and we moved to a bigger town; so did my mother’s aspirations for her love of sewing and designing; after all she did make her own wedding dress and ALL of her bridesmaids’ gowns.  We would partake in small community fashion shows and sometimes even got to see some industry practices that were very neat.

Once my sister and I had reached our teens; again we lived in a new city.  This time my mother set up shop under the name ‘All-Sew’ in the basement of our house.  We would watch her day in and day out sewing this and that, fulfilling customers and clients alterations and mending needs on a contract basis.  Around that time was when I learned how to sew my own pajama pants and that was super exciting.

By the time I had graduated High school I had acquired a plethora of knowledge and skills such as various hand stitching techniques, hand beading, textile terminology, and was familiar with a wide variety of sewing terms and tools.

After graduating from college and spending a couple years in my chosen field I decided that sewing was my new favourite thing to do.  It was the year my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer; and at the young age of 21 I thought it would be a great way to spend extra time with her…  and we did.

My mother went on to show me how to make a purse and that was it!  I ended up loving and enjoying sewing and design so much that I started sewing very regularly.  I started my own business in my early 20’s making purses and I still have that business to this day.

As a young 20-something I enrolled and spent some time in British Columbia attending fashion design through the Art Institute of Vancouver.

I truly feel that if sewing was a person; and I had an opportunity to speak to them I would say this; “Thank you”.

Thank you for being there for me as a child and helping me see my mom so happy.

Thank you for keeping me out of trouble. Like they say “Busy hands are happy hands” #momtruth 😀

And lastly, thank you for the time you’ve given my mother and I to bond and connect as friends.

When I entered into my 30’s I started my own children’s line of patterned Lycra blend cotton baby leggings.  I started dabbling into some surface pattern designing as well around that time

I now at 33 have a three year old daughter & run Miss Sew It All with my mother.  We are so thankful to have this opportunity and to be able to fulfill a dream which we’ve held for a long time.  We look forward to serving Blackfalds, Central Alberta, and beyond for many years to come.

Sewing has over the years become such an integral part of my everyday life.  All of the knowledge and skills that were bestowed onto me my entire life I will pass on to my daughter, and that feels good.

Thank you so much for taking time to read my story.

– Amanda ♥